GODCIDENCE “A coincidence orchestrated by God”

Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a mans heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

I love to tell real life stories of what God has done in my life and the lives of others. It is such a reminder to me that Jesus is always in control. No longer are we the captains of our own ship.

Our lives are like a finely woven tapestry of His will and purpose for our lives. I am so thankful for this. God uses circumstances in our lives to tap us on the shoulder and let us know He is with us and His divine plan is at work.

This Godcidence is about a young man named Alex and a young woman named Kay.

Alex had been attending our church (Calvary Chapel of the Q. C.) He was dating our daughter for a while and after they broke the relationship off Alex moved away. Because of circumstances in his life he moved back to the Quad Cities. Alex was on a Christian dating site when he met a young woman. They both lived in the same town. Alex noticed in her profile picture there was a mirrored wall behind her. He thought it looked like a wall in the kitchen of his childhood home. He came to find out that it was the same house that he grew up in and they were both amazed!

As the story goes, they went out on a date and realized they had a lot in common. They both dated pastor kids and they loved art and music. Kay had just started attending a church after moving into the area from Michigan. Alex told her he was looking for a church. She told him that she was attending a great church that he would love. The name of the church was Calvary Chapel. It was the same church Alex attended previously. Alex knew the God was calling him back.

God had orchestrated this meeting to tap Alex on the shoulder and let him know he should come back to the people who loved him at Calvary Chapel. This is not the end of this story but only the beginning.

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  1. Good story.. to add to coincidence, Alex played music at Kays grandpas funeral about a year earlier ( he didn't know him but did it anyway)…They were in the same room then and hadn't met yet.

    • and they were both there with the pastors kids. ( your daughter and her cc pastor son bf)

    • Cindy Menner says:

      That's great Julie isn't God amazing!

    • he truly is! A crazy story we have, is about our house. We wanted badly to get out of our trailer. The land lord wouldn't fix anything and we were getting water bills that were up in the 300's..the water co was threatening to turn our water off even though we paid our bill.Since the landlord wouldnt get someone to fix it, and it was so rigged, we didnt know where to begin. We decided we would try to find a place to buy, but we didnt have much money to put down and we werent sure we could get traditional financing since we had no revolving credit. I looked at craigs list and saw that there was a few places that need work. I emailed several people and explained our delema with financing and asked for addresses. I had a response from a guy who was selling a cabin he had started. Lundie and I went to see it and thought it might be to much work but almost desperate, we decided to ask his terms. I emailed him (I thought) and the reply back had me sort of shocked and confused… He said he would take down exactly the amount that we had prepared to pay and the monthly was exactly what we were paying at the trailor. At first I thought this was a waste of time because it needed to much work. ( it was just a shell no plumbing electric etc) then I noticed something.. the email listed an address that was different then the place we had looked at. I was sort of confused but soon realized I had emailed the wrong person. I had emailed someone who I had not actually contacted yet. We asked to see the house and it was much better than we expected! The owner was moving to Florida in a week and was just as desperate to sell. He sold us the house contract for deed, with NO INTEREST!! Turns out he doesnt believe in interest. He believes a man deserves to pay a certain amount over a certain time without penalty! So, in ten years we will have our 5 bedroom home on 12 acres of mountain paid off! God is amazing!

    • Cindy Menner says:

      Wow that is such an amazing story thanks for sharing! God was directing you guys. No mistake in that email! lol

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