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I  have been reading a new book and I am flying through it! The name of it is “Miracles, 32 True Stories” compiled by Joanie Hileman. She says in the beginning of the book; “Its contents belong to God; its work is for His glory.” I really like the fact that most of the stories are based in Maine, the state where I was born. It also surprised me that the stories are about other Christians who are attending a Calvary Chapel. (Our church is a Calvary Chapel affiliate.)

cover Now, now, I know what you are probably thinking “Oh yea Cindy another book about Miracles.” The stories in this book are about ordinary people who love an extraordinary God. I love to read stories about real life situations. They have encouraged me and allowed me to see how God moves in many different ways in Christian’s lives. You can tell that the author is a very humble person and she gives God all the glory for the book.

These stories have an authenticity to them that draws you in. Truly a living book, it is hard to put this book down. All of us can relate to these stories because we all have a story or two about how God has worked in amazing ways. Sometimes the world will call them coincidences but I like to call them Godcidences. God loves to tap us on the shoulder and let us know that He loves us and wants to bless His people.

This book is a quick read and is full of many short stories. One thing that is really great about this book is that if you miss a week or two you don’t have to reread it to understand the book again. This is perfect for the busy person who says they don’t have time to read. Hope you enjoy this book! Let me know what you think. .

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