Mothers Day 2013


Today is a day that we set aside every year throughout the world to honor our mothers. Mothers play a special part in our lives and they are the pillars of the home. As mothers we are blessed with the care and nurturing of raising up children for God’s kingdom. It is an awesome responsibility, we can mold and shape our children’s character to become the young men and women who will to be the next leaders in the community. Our children will be citizens with a rich godly heritage that can change the climate of the world they live in.

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I am blessed to have four children, and two handsome grandsons. My children are grown up now, and are pursuing their dreams. They are all walking with God and are dearly loved by all who know them. I give glory to God for all that he has done and continues to do in their lives. God guided me through with much prayer, as I became keenly aware of His presence in their lives. He was orchestrating events in their young lives to mold them and shape them into who they would become. He had chosen me to walk with them through the trials and the hardships of this life. When they experienced disappointments and tears, and through all their many achievements I have seen God’s sovereign hand in their lives. I have learned from my mother, who had a nurturing and compassionate heart, how to love my children unconditionally just as God loves us.

My mother passed away from cancer at the young age of 42. I was only 21 at the time, it was a terrible loss for me, we were very close. My Mother was so selfless, she always put my dad, me and my brother first.  My mom would tell me stories of what her life was like growing up in Portland Maine. My Grandmother died suddenly from an asthma attack when my mother was only eleven years old. Her brother was only a year old  and she was responsible to care for him. Her father had to be institutionalised for alcoholism, she and her brother went into the foster care system. Eventually she went to live with her older married sister. She went without, and she said there was never enough to eat and at times she didn’t have firewood to keep her warm.

Although she endured many adversities she still wanted a better life and she always had hope. She also told me their were other destructive paths she could have taken but she knew in her heart that she could have a better life. She always said that she never wanted my brother and I to go without anything.  My mother loved to cook. She would make my dad homemade pies which were his favorite! She also loved children and wanted to have a large family. When I was only five years old my dad had a electrical accident, he almost died because of it. They could no longer have anymore children. That never stopped my mother though, we became a foster family. We took in many children. I still remember how my mother would cry when each of the would leave our home. It was hard on her but she also was overjoyed to know that they were going to a good family. I am so thankful for the mother I had, she taught me many things about life. She taught me the importance of respecting others and of being a hard worker. I never saw my mother when she wasn’t busy doing something. She taught me how to sew, cook and how to take care of a home. I carry on the legacy that she left, and the sweet memories of her I will keep in my heart always. I miss you mom!

Happy Mothers day to all moms may your children rise up and call you blessed. Proverbs 31:28



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