Happy Birthday Danielle!

facebook_397208538I feel blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. She has raised my two grandsons who have grown up into amazing young men who have direction in their lives. She has always been a hard worker and is a no-nonsense kind of person. Danielle is insistent on getting the job done. My daughter has a quick wit and is fun loving and can laugh at life even when there are bumps in the road, and there have been a few. She didn’t have it easy growing up, we faced many challenges as a family. Through all the hardships, Danielle has grown into a young woman of strength and character, I am very proud of her.

I am so glad she is my trusted and loving friend. I actually picked her name when I was only a teenager. My mom was a foster parent and one of the children she had was a beautiful little girl with the name of Danielle Marie. The funny thing about it, is that her name is french and when Danielle went on a couple of mission trips to France they actually asked her if she was French!

My daughter has a love for sports. When she was a teen she loved to play basketball. Danielle has encouraged my grandsons to get involved in sports which has taught them life skills. My grandson Josh has a love for football and she has been a totally supportive to him. My daughter can put on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt with a baseball cap, (pink of course) on her head and still be a total diva. She also loves music and has been encouraging to her younger sister in her pursuit in music. I am looking forward to celebrating her birthday this weekend.

 Happy Birthday Danielle I love you with all my heart I pray you have a wonderful day today!


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