In the Presence of My Enemies written by Gracia Burnham

The book starts with the beginning of Martin and Gracia’s abduction on May 27, 2001. This is a true story of endurance and the hardship. Martin and Gracia were celebrating their 18th anniversary at a beautiful resort “Dos Palmas” which is located in the Philippines. Suddenly, without any warning their rooms were invaded by a terrorist group ”Abu Sayyaf” in the early morning before dawn. Three men holding M16s invaded the room and forced Martin and Gracia to leave the room with nothing but the clothes they managed to put on before the men broke open the door to their room and took them captive. The Burnhams and 18 others were taken captive that early morning. All the hostages traveled by boat for days and then by land for the another 18 months.


“Run, run, run!” came another command, and I stood up and began to run with my head down. I was petrified, my heart thumping through my chest. Several times we were interrupted with the order to drop; then we got up and ran again”

The first chapter of this book really draws you in, and the next few chapters give you the background story of both Gracia and Martin’s childhood and how they met. It is amazing how the Lord directed their lives into the mission field. Martin and Gracia were just people that loved the Lord and wanted to follow Him and surrender to His will for their lives

After a few chapters of the couple’s background (which allows you to have a better understanding of who they really are) their story continues. From May 27th 2001 until June 7th 2002 they were constantly on the run from the AFP soldiers (The Armed Forces of the Philippines). They traveled through the jungle for a while, barefoot. They endured hunger, sleeplessness, and at times they suffered in the harsh elements. There were many perils in the jungle too. Some of the hostages were ransomed for money and some were murdered in cold blood. Most of the hostages were ransomed and set free shortly after their ransoms were paid. Truly a page-turner, I would start to read this book and loose track of time. This book represents the uncertain world we live in. The same year that Martin and Gracia were taken captive is when 9/11 took place. Just a couple of months ago on April 15, we had another terrorist attack at the Boston marathon. Terrorism is more real now than ever, read this book and and ask yourself how would you react in a similar situation?


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