Proverbs 31:29 “Many daughters have done well,But you excel them all.”

164256_634142063262485_1129875311_nThis story I’m about to share with you was told to me by my friend Dora and it really touched my heart and I hope it touches yours too. We were at work when she shared this story with me. I was brought to tears when she told me how much her mother meant to her and how she wanted to bless her on mother’s day. It reminded me of how much I missed my mom. I always remind my friends to cherish the time they have with their mothers.

Dora’s sister Shelly worked at a nursing home and learned about a new device, called the “pocket talker”. The sisters knew that their mother’s hearing aid was deficient. They decided to pool their money together and purchase this special device. They were excited, not really knowing the full extent of the impact this gift would have, or how she would react when their mother saw it. The two sisters traveled together to her house.  As always, she was pleased to see the two of them. They greeted each other with hugs and kisses. When the girls presented the gift to their mother, Helen, who (being the selfless person she is) was left a little speechless. Just like any mom would react, she was concerned and thought they had gone to too much trouble and expense.

The two of them set-up the device which amplifies the sound in the room. For the first time in years Helen could actually hear the television. She started to cry, being overwhelmed with joy that she could hear sounds that she hadn’t heard in years. The girls realized all at once just how much their mother had been missing out in her life. The two sisters started to cry too! They all  realized how amazing it was that their mother could hear sounds that she had been able to hear and this little device had a life changing effect on their mother’s life.

Just Imagine for a moment if you couldn’t hear anymore or if your hearing was impaired. How much of life would you miss out on? God gifts people with the knowledge to create devices like the “pocket talker” that will bless someone’s life with the ability to hear.

Everyday we all have a choice of how we can impact someone’s life. We can be a force for good in our world, it’s your decision . We can be the hands and feet of Jesus and make a difference that can glorify God and forever change someone’s life. Remember actions speak louder than words. As Christians we are to be doers of the word!

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