20131209_205614Psalm 102:1  Hear my prayer, O Lord, And let my cry come to You.

One of my favorite things in life is when without any prompting, a child shows faith that is so real it catches his parents by surprise. This special story was told to me by my hairdresser, Carolyn. Her son Logan went shopping with her and he had determined ahead of time what he wanted to purchase with his birthday money. To his mother’s surprise he choose a large gold cross with the word “Jesus” written on it. He then went to another store and bought a chain and attached it to this rather large cross. With a smile on his face he placed it around his neck and wore it proudly. His mother shared with me that they weren’t church goers and she was puzzled with her sons new interest in the cross and Jesus.

A couple days later Logan’s dog “Wheels” jumped off his bed and lost the use of his back legs. They took the dog to the vet on the way to his Aunt’s funeral. During the funeral all Logan could think about was his hurt dog. Wheels was his best friend. He was praying to himself and rubbing the cross during the service. The pastor noticed what he was doing and he asked Logan if he could bless the cross for him and Logan happily said,” Yes “.

Later that day they went to the vet to pick Wheels up. The prognosis wasn’t good. Wheels would have to have very expensive therapy which the family couldn’t afford. They were sent home with a few pills and had little hope for Wheels to recover. After only a half a pill and few minutes of being home, Wheels starting running around and jumping excitedly on the bed- and back off of it too! Logan said with great joy, “It’s because I prayed mommy!” Carolyn knew there was no way that half of a pill could work that fast or have a dramatic effect. She saw that the faith of her son and his prayers to Jesus had been answered. Oh if we could all have faith like a child! I am excited by this young boy’s new found faith, and the amazing effect it is having on his family.

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