Dearest Jane, although you have passed from this world your spirit will live on in our hearts. You have touched us with your deep love and compassion for all those around you.

When I think of Jane I remember her love for flowers and the beautiful gardens that always surrounded her home. Her hospitality was something that drew many. There was always enough for another person. Everyone was always welcome at grandma Jane’s house. She had a love for music, and the beautiful melodies would fill her home. Bill told me he remembers that his mom would have music playing everyday when he was growing up. He has wonderful childhood memories and recalls specific songs that Jane loved.

photo albums039She loved to give presents. She would go to auctions and find things to give to her family.  We couldn’t leave her house without a car full of her treasures. This was her love language to her family and friends. She had a sense of humor that could be described as zany and fun! One year the family all got together for Thanksgiving. It was Jane’s idea for us to all lie on the floor with our heads together in a circle and we took family pictures like that. It was hilarious, I never laughed so much.  Her corny jokes couldn’t help but make you laugh too. She would always making a joke or two about goiters.

Bill and I were always amazed at how many people Jane knew in her home town of Quincy. It didn’t matter if they were young or older they always greeted her, It was as if they had known her for years. I am really going to miss Jane. She has left a lasting impression on my heart. I will always hold the memories of her close.

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  1. Erica says:

    Beautiful as always Cindy! It brings tears to my eyes!

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