bird-mailbox-780Proverbs 4:23 Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.

I recently saw a human interest story on the news that really touched my heart. The segment starts out with the reporter saying “Do you need to get something off your chest”?

The story takes place on a remote beach in North Carolina.Thirty-five years ago a young couple in love shared their thoughts in notebooks and put them inside a mailbox that had “Kindred Spirit” written in letters on the side of the box. Well they didn’t know it at the time what an impact this mailbox would have. The man who started the journaling is now in his 80’s. He said he gets out there when he can and reads some of the posts that people have left in the notebooks. He says the journals have renewed his love and hope for others. A local writer has taken over the responsibility of putting new books in the mailbox. These books have caught the interest of the University of North Carolina. They are keeping the finished books for further study.

When you open the books you are opening a treasure chest of other people’s thoughts and memories. Many people have shared their lives in the pages of these books. Real stories of loss, pain, love, hopes and dreams. All them express the wonder of life. These books are a safe place for people to open up and share what is on their heart. We all need to be heard, a safe place to commutate our feelings. We all need to know that our lives are important. We don’t need someone to fix our lives, just someone to listen.

When I started writing my thoughts down on paper a couple of years ago I found it to be very therapeutic. I am able to express my heart with the written word. Words are powerful and can influence people’s ideas. Sometimes as I write the tears will flow and many memories come back into my mind in vivid detail. My memories are a part of who I am and they have influenced me. They have had a dramatic impact in my life.

One of these days I hope to visit the Kindred Spirit mailbox and share my heart in one of those notebooks. I know it is a safe place for all who share their lives. I hope you are inspired to visit this place too!

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  1. Mertie Porter says:

    There should be more of this in the world

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